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Every Day is Special

The month of October at mine and Hargusta’s place of employment is “Inclusion Month”!  I imagine you’re all wondering what inclusion month is, so I will spare the dramatics and jump right into an explanation:  Every month brings us a new, corporate coined theme for the month; October is “Inclusion:  Respect + Dignity = Inclusion”.  Normally, these types of ridiculous, politically correct, cover our asses from as many angles as possible ridiculousness pass directly through my short-term memory without so much as stopping at one synapse, but I have noticed that now, not only are the themes popping up on our homepages, they’re showing up in our mailboxes and e-mails.  There is no hiding!

Now, I feel as though I should preface this rant by informing yinz readers that I have nothing against inclusion or respect; I actually like being involved and making others feel comfortable and positive.  However, what really gets me about these types of things if the total lack of sincerity in the message from those on high who shove this garbage down our throats.  I want to see one place of business do away with these monthly buzz-word infused pieces of propaganda and adopt the mantra of “Don’t be an asshole”.  That’s it.  Just don’t be an asshole and life will be easier for yourself and everyone around you.  I want to work for an employer whose explicit company policy is to not hire douche bags. 



Aaaaaaaaand, right on cue, this little gem popped up in mine and about 24,000 other employee’s email box – National Medical Librarians Month.  Seriously.  A whole month designated to the national recognition of librarians who solely focus on medical literature.  Could we get more specific?  Do they make cards for this like Secretaries Day and Halloween?  Is it possible this is one giant conspiracy concocted by Hallmark, the United Nations and Facebook to generate enough interest in each individual month by including every possible job description, disease, act of kindness, or birthstone, that will, in turn, fuel a global economic machine that funds the most powerful world leaders?  Probably not – but if it turns out this is true, I want my cut… National Blog Posting Month is July.


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