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It hasn’t been since the Sigfried (or was it Roy?) debacle that any of us have seen a tiger attack so potent.  But what else do you expect from a company that calls Michael Jordan a pal?

Enter the 33 second black and white air strike from Nike during this momentous Masters comeback.

I have to say, I like the commercial.  Before you get all huffy, let me re-phrase.  I like the AESTHETICS of the commercial.  The brief, black and white montage of Tiger frittering and fidgeting with his eyes in a habitual line dance between remorseful and determined is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s 500 plus screen tests in which he mounted celebrity friends in front of his tripod and asked them to stare blankly into the camera for four minutes.  To watch them in a collection is a really impressive and simplistic beauty.

Nike was rounding third with this commercial until Earl decided to scold Tiger.

The freak of nature phenomenon who just wants to get back to playing golf and never miss one of his children’s birthdays again is rehashing in a way that, while marketing genius, is not putting his goddess of a Scandinavian supermodel first.  Which by the way, should be done very, very privately at this point.  Preferably on his large boat at sea.

On Nike’s part it’s as effective and as awesome as the Manchester United and Ajax soccer commercials they ran a few years ago.  Most of Nike’s ploy has always been a ‘Just Do It, Just Run, Just Play’ mantra.  Through Air Max Shoes and Gortex half zip shirts Nike has made us believe that there’s a warrior in all of us who just needs to get out there and run, jump or swing despite our problems/weight/stress/age, etc.  With his big return at the Masters, I assumed Nike would put out a commercial, but more along the lines of a few still shots of Tiger doing what he does best with no regards to the 14+ skanks and all of the Mystic Tan hush money they now possess.

But I seemed to forget that with an inconceivable marketing budget comes the giant balls to put it out there. Yeah, they went there…and they went there with Earl Woods nonetheless. From the grave, from heaven, from wherever.  Whew, that’s a lot to do in 30 seconds.

As nauseating and annoying as it is, the blogosphere is out of control dissecting this lil gem of a commercial.

Funny how we wish he would now just shut up and crush the ball again circa 2009 when he was still on PR house arrest. No more press conferences, and please, no more Earl.



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